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Advocate Oren Ben

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Oren Ben-Law Office & Notary provides representation and legal counsel in all the areas of Civil Law giving personal attention to all of its clients and providing always a detailed explanation of their legal status, prospects, anticipated costs and legal proceedings
Family Law and
Rabbinical Court

Legal counseling and representation in the Rabbinical Court and the Family Court in matters of:


  • Wills and inheritances

  • Fatherhood

  • Custody

  • Guardianship

  • Dismantling sharing, including, property selling in the course of a divorce

  • Financial agreements

Contract Law

Legal advice and representation in all courts:


  • Commercial contracts

  • Standard contracts

  • Insurance contracts

  • Contracting contracts

  • Entrepreneurship contracts

  • Contracts between spouses, in particular, divorce and financial agreements.

  • Contracts in commercial and private real estate, in particular, apartment sales or lease.

  • Work contracts

  • Loan or mortgage agreements or pledging

Real Estate Law

Legal advice and representation in all the Civil Courts, before the Planning Committees, Appeal Committees, the Condominiums Inspectors and before the Registrar of Cooperative Societies:


  • Planning and building laws

  • Compensation for damage to land pursuant to the Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law.

  • Tenant Protection Laws

  • Real estate sales agreements and combination agreements.

  • Administrative procedures and registration of land in the Land Registry and Administration of Israel Lands

  • Condominiums

  • Real Estate Taxation

  • Real estate in kibbutzim and moshavim

Public / Administrative Law

Legal Advice and Representation in the Court of Administrative Affairs and in the High Court of Justice (HCJ):


  • Public Administration Law

  • Ground rules

  • Local Government Law - Councils, Municipalities.

  • Municipal taxation

  • Tenders Law

Commercial Law

Legal advice and representation for all types of corporations, including management and registration matters:

  • Membership

  • Associations

  • Partnerships

  • Cooperative societies

Insolvency Law

Legal advice and representation at the Execution Office and the Court for Insolvency:


  • Execution Law

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Corporate Liquidation Law

  • Receivership

  • Dismantling sharing Dissolution

Mediation Proceedings and Arbitration

Consulting and legal representation in mediation and arbitration proceedings, such as:


  • Mediation meetings

  • Management of mediation proceedings

  • Cancellation or approval of an arbitration award

  • Appeal of an arbitrator's award

Labor and Employment Law

Counseling and legal representation at the National Insurance Institute and the Labor Court:


  • Rights in National Insurance

  • Work contracts

  • Collective agreements

  • Work accidents

  • Workers rights

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